UK Vs Overseas: Buying Bridegroom Outfits

UK Vs Overseas: Buying Bridegroom Outfits
UK Vs Overseas: Buying Bridegroom Outfits

As your big day approaches, it’s not just the bride who needs to think about purchasing an extra special outfit. Every detail counts and it’s important to make sure that everything is perfect!

Many people believe that within traditional Indian culture, the best Indian wedding couture can only be purchased from the country itself, but believe it or not, you can get some of the highest quality and most traditional yet stylish outfits for the modern-day Bridegroom right here in the UK.


If you are a resident of the UK, and you want your dress from India, it may be difficult to get ultimate perfection. You won’t be able to simply go to the shop to get measured. The likelihood is that you will have to send your measurements off to the maker of the garment. All this fuss for no guarantee of accuracy is risky business. For specifications as such, only bespoke couture will do the job for your wedding.

Last Minute Changes and Alterations

If your Kurta, shirt, or sherwani is in another country being prepared, what happens if there are any last-minute alterations or changes? A bride can be fussy; what if the theme changes and your outfit doesn’t match? If you receive your bridegroom outfit and the measurements aren’t quite right, alterations aren’t going to be as easy as it would be if your tailor was local or nearby. These things happen when having a bespoke garment and precision and care needs to be taken.

No Need to Wait

When ordering your garments online or from overseas, there is always plenty of waiting around. There is no quickly going to the store if you need to talk to the garment maker. If you want to change anything or keep on track with the progress, calling or going to India is going to be much more inconvenient and expensive.

The Full Experience

If getting your garment overseas then you can’t have the experience of browsing in the shop, trying on, and making an event of it. You can feel the quality of the materials in your hands, see the colours of fabrics for yourself and see which traditional garments are more suited to your style. Browsing online is not quite the same as the full experience of try-before-you-buy.


You may think you can browse the internet to find a deal for your bridegroom outfit, but when you find a boutique of your own, the difference in experience, quality and standards are much higher. In reality, you never know what you will get for your money, but in a boutique, such as at Sonas, you receive a couture experience in which you can see exactly where your money is going.

At Sonas Couture, the cuts, fabrics, embroideries and embellishments are of the highest of standards. We want your bridegroom outfit to be as perfect as the day itself, and that’s why when you come in the store or even pick up the phone, you will receive a couture, stylish and innovative experience.