Choosing Your Wedding Outfit Based on Your Skin Tone

Choosing Your Wedding Outfit Based on Your Skin Tone
Choosing Your Wedding Outfit Based on Your Skin Tone

Any bride-to-be can spend a lot of time conjuring up the perfect Indian wedding dress and appearance in her head, with numerous ideas being dreamt up. While the traditional colour for bridal dresses is red and many will opt for this, many brides think that it may not match their skin tone and that a different shade may look better on their day, ultimately making them feel much more comfortable.

You should always select the colour of your bridal outfit in accordance to your skin tone, as the right colour will bring out your complexion and your features.



Fair Complexion

If you have a fair skin tone you may think that you are limited on your choice of colours, when however, this is not the case. In fact, you will have a wide variety of colours which will suit you.

Most colours will look good on a fair skin tone, so go for the ones which you love the most. However, soft blues, brighter shades of pink and red tones are an excellent choice, especially if you like to keep on top of fashion trends, as brighter options are in this season. The colour of the year is Marsala!

If you would rather have softer shades for your wedding day then maybe go for peach, light pink, mint green or a softer purple, but avoid softer shades of brown or grey as they can fade away from your fair complexion.

Top Picks: Blue, Red, Pink, Orange
Must Avoid: Brown, Grey


Wheatish Complexion/ Light Brown

Again, while most colours will suit a lighter brown skin, some suggestions can make choosing your dress much easier. Try and pick a colour that brings out the warmth in your complexion, such as tangy oranges, saffron yellows or vibrant, brighter shades of red, or even hot pink!

If you would rather go for something a little more in season rather than a traditional choice, the favourites at the moment are mint green and royal blue. Medium shades such as beige and a softer grey should be avoided for your skin type as they can blend in with your skin tone too much which can be unflattering. After all, you want your dress and your fabulous skin tone to both stand out.

Top Picks: Yellow, Orange, Bright Reds and Pinks
Must Avoid: Brown, Grey

Olive Skin Tone /Dusky

If you have an olive skin tone, you are perhaps one of the luckiest brides-to-be, as any rich or darker colours will suit you just right. The classic colours such as a royal blue, marsala, burnt orange and a deeper brick red are your perfect garment options.

Not only this, but you and your skin tone can also pull off any metallic accessories or accents on your garment, as they flatter your face and will give a slight glow to your features. However, avoid neon, and brighter colours, as your olive skin will drown amongst its vibrancy.

Top Picks: Burnt Shades, Deeper Oranges and Reds, and Metallic
Must Avoid: Neon and Bright Colours

If you would like any further information on what colour will suit your skin tone the best for your big day, Sonas Couture would love to help.

We only create garments designed towards each individual’s needs, with one of our priorities being your skin tone. We will play close attention to make sure we choose the right fabrics, colours and accessories to make your day as perfect as it should be.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sonas team, who would be more than happy to give further advice and suggest the perfect colour combinations for you and your skin.