Decoding Indian Bridal Dresses

Decoding Indian Bridal Dresses
Decoding Indian Bridal Dresses

India is a land of many cultures and even more tradition. One thing is for sure – Indian bridal wear is drop-dead gorgeous. Delicately embroidered with complex designs, the colours range from red to white with everything in between. Here is what you need to know about the different designs and the customs that dominate the Indian wedding world.

Traditional Red Dress

The eastern equivalent of the white dress, these bright red garments are traditionally made of silk. The dress is full length and usually paired with a sari around the shoulders and waist. Red is popular with Indian brides of all major religions, but some choose to express their individuality with different materials. The dresses are mostly hand-embroidered with complex designs of crystals, beads and sequins. The colour red symbolises good luck and a prosperous fortune for the bride-to-be.

The Use of Gold and other Colours

Just like the western world, not everyone chooses a traditional dress. Many opt to include extensive gold or white detailing, highlighting the beautiful embroidery. Those who like to exercise their creativity choose from a variety of rich colours. Dresses made with peach, blue or pink are common choices for those looking to wow their wedding guests.

Lehenga Choli

This two-piece full length, brightly coloured bridal dress is most popular in Northern India. This wedding outfit is comprised of two separate parts: a tight, cropped bodice that exposes the midriff, and a low fit, full-length skirt. The style is usually paired with an intricate belt and sari worn on the arm or over one shoulder. These wedding dresses come in the traditional red, but colours like blue, purple and peach are also sought after. Both the bodice and the skirt are intricately detailed with sequins and crystal beads that are hand-embroidered in entrancing patterns.

How to Choose Your Dress

Indian tradition and culture are vibrant and explosive. Their fashion reflects a passion for rich colour and dazzling jewels. When choosing your perfect Indian bridal wear, consider the colour and the style. If you have something more unique in mind, feel free to contact us and we will help you bring your dream dress to life.