Indian Bridal Wear Trends of 2017: What to Look Out For

Indian Bridal Wear Trends of 2017: What to Look Out For
Indian Bridal Wear Trends of 2017: What to Look Out For

If you’re planning a wedding and can’t wait to choose a wedding dress, you’re likely to have researched past year trends of designs and colours. 2017 has arrived with stunning bridal wear trends, perfect for a lovely ceremony with your loved ones.

So, what trends are strong this year?

Indian Bridal Wear

Western and Traditional Fusion

Globalization has greatly influenced Indian designers, helping them to continue innovating and changing the traditional Indian wedding wear. Eye-catching and stylish, every year’s bridal wear trends propel Indian women into finding their ideal dresses.

Corresponding with a more modern India, this year’s bridal wear represents the fashion-forwardness of the country. Blending Western fashion with traditional Indian culture, 2017’s bridal wear is modern and dynamic to embody the modern Indian woman.


Pastel Colours

Bold colours have always been a trend in Indian weddings, like pinks and reds. 2017’s trends lean towards the pastels, creating beautiful lehengas that adorn any woman perfectly. For a more individual twist, you can combine bold colours with soft pastels for a stunning combination, ensuring you own a special wedding dress.

With a wide variety of possible colour combinations, choosing the ones you love the most will give you that special wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of. Creams and whites contrast beautifully with intricate designs.

Indian Bridal Wear - Pastel Colours

Embroidery and Mirrorwork

Always a staple in bridal wear, mirrorwork highlights your figure in a flattering way. You can choose from a multitude of bridal wear designs, ensuring that you have an option that fits your requirements and your personal style.

Embroidery styles, such as mukesh, represent some of the best and most beautiful embroidery skills from India. They showcase age-old traditions that can be incorporated with more modern designs, transforming a wedding gown into a piece of art.

Whether you’re marrying in the spring or in autumn, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. As specialists in bridal wear, at Sonas Haute Couture we always ensure you find what you need and that you have the best possible service. We want you to have a perfect special day!

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