The Origins of the Sherwani: Sophistication and Style

The Origins of the Sherwani: Sophistication and Style
The Origins of the Sherwani: Sophistication and Style

Similar to a kurta, and also a good option to wear in combination with a kurta, a sherwani is a long coat with regal design and it’s of knee-length. It’s made from brocade, silk, and velvet composites of the highest quality, and it’s buttoned up to the collar.

How did the sherwani originate and where did it come from?


History and Origin

The sherwani was originally worn only by kings and Indian royals and it was a combination of the British frock coat and the shalwar kameez. It was also popular among the Turkish and Persian in the Musgal Empire and in the Delhi Sultanate. It showcased both prosperity and wealth with its embellishments, and it was adapted into a common dressing style in the late 18th century.

Popular during the Aligarh movement before Indian independence, teachers and students often wore the sherwani. The sherwani is the national dress in Pakistan, however, used only by Indian men for special occasions such as weddings.


Fashion Style

Being a close fitted garment with beautiful embellishments, a sherwani is a very stylish piece of clothing. Often worn over a kurta in conjunction with a salwar or churidar, a pair of juttis completes the look perfectly with an air of sophistication and regalness.

The different fabrics in sherwanis add only to their style and beauty. From goldens to reds to dark blues and purple, sherwanis are often also in creamy white colours and embroidered with gold. Both comfortable and fashionable, this garment is now a staple for menswear. Brides often wear lehengas at weddings as bridalwear, which are a perfect complement or contrast with the sherwani.


Finding the Ideal Sherwani

Brides often know their colour scheme for the wedding, so make sure to match or contrast the wedding dress. Sherwanis are gorgeous garments and each has its own charisma, so choose one that perfectly embodies both your wedding and your personality. Think of the colours and embroidery patterns and invest in a high-quality sherwani.

As both stunning and stylish garments, it’s no wonder that they are preferred for important occasions. If you’re looking for the perfect sherwani for your wedding or special occasion, be sure to get in touch with us and we will help you find a stunning garment. You can also book an appointment with us on 020 8795 1100 to make sure that you find a sherwani that fits you perfectly.