Styling Tips for the Indian Groom

Styling Tips for the Indian Groom
Styling Tips for the Indian Groom

When it comes to your wedding day, it’s not just your bride who should look radiant! Here are some top styling tips when choosing Indian men’s wedding outfits to help you get it right.

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing your wedding attire is to be in harmony with your bride’s outfit. Try to choose something that complements her style, rather than drawing attention away from her, ensuring that you are both in sync with each other, the venue, and the decor that you have chosen for the occasion.

Take care to choose accessories that add value to your look without overdoing it. For example, look for cuff links, tie pins, and buttons that go well with your jewellery, pocket square and belt without placing too much emphasis on one item.

Just like the bride’s outfit, you own attire must be customised to fit you correctly. Be prepared to attend for at least two fittings, one of which should be a week or so before the wedding date. This is especially important if you are dieting or working out to get in shape for your wedding day, as your body may change, affecting the fit of your clothing.

The Cut
For gents, getting the cut of the various elements of your outfit right is crucial. The shirt should be cuffed at the wrist and the jacket should be cut to show off the cut just a little bit. If you decide to wear at Sherwani, your wrist should be slightly more visible, to allow for ease of movement.

Your trousers should never bunch up into folds but should also not be too short so that your ankles are too exposed. Your churidar or pyjamas can be loose or fitted, depending on your preferred silhouette.
The Wedding Turban
You will be wearing your wedding turban for the first time and it will be adorned with a kalgi, sehra, and maybe some ornamental embellishments, too. It is vital that the turban fits well and is comfortable. Always choose a custom-made turban with a delicate sehra and a kalgi that isn’t too heavy.

Loafer Liners
Even though you definitely don’t want your socks to protrude from your juttis or loafers, you can’t avoid wearing them if you want to avoid blisters. Be sure to wear your juttis a few times around the house before the wedding day to break them in and wear loafer liners that are invisible to keep your feet from being rubbed.

Trend Setting
Every season, the tones of popular colours change, embroidered motifs are altered, and new print patterns emerge. Although you should really pick out an outfit, eight months or so before the wedding, keep a bracket of a few months in hand so that you can keep an eye on current fashion trends and choose the most on-trend fabric and embellishments for the final outfit.

Here at Sonas Couture, we have everything that the discerning Indian bridegroom needs to create a fabulous wedding outfit. For more advice and guidance on choosing the perfect ensemble, contact our helpful team today.