Top Tips for Dressing for an Indian Wedding

Top Tips for Dressing for an Indian Wedding
Top Tips for Dressing for an Indian Wedding

Whether you have been invited to a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh traditional wedding ceremony, they all include an array of traditional ceremonies, customs, rituals and more, but the number one question by many is “How do I dress for an Indian Wedding?”

Most Indian weddings are rooted in a long history of traditions and what is acceptable to wear to these fantastic events and celebrations will differ within the culture.

Here at Sonas Couture, we have put together our top tips, to keep you dressed in style, comfort and elegance when attending a friend or family member’s Indian wedding.

Dress Code

For any religious ceremony, you should know the dress code, and wear the appropriate traditional attire, such as a sari, although it isn’t always required. However, if you choose to wear a traditional garment avoid baring the shoulders, any low-cut tops, revealing skirts or any outfit too revealing.

No matter what the style of wedding and the customs involved, you should respect the formality of the event and stick to the dress code.

Correct Colours

At any Indian wedding, bright colours are always encouraged, and only a few colours should be avoided when picking what to wear for this event. We recommend avoiding blacks and white as these are the colours usually worn at a funeral.

The bride tends to wear red; however, this can vary so make sure to find out the colour the bride to be is wearing and avoid this.

Temple Attire

Most Indian weddings will take place in a temple, which will most likely require you to cover your head, however it can depend on the temple and the type of wedding.

It is especially important for women to take this into consideration, so be sure to be prepared and take along a long scarf or a pashmina. Men can take a large white handkerchief if they wish but much of the time are provided with a head cover there.


Any ceremony can be a long event so be sure to make comfort a main priority. Make sure your outfit isn’t tight- not just for courtesy and tradition but also for maximum comfort.


While shoes aren’t a huge concern at an Indian wedding because they are often taken off, they are still important. You want to look the part, but make sure you are also comfy due to ceremony being a long event. Most religious settings for weddings will require you to take your shoes off, so be sure to have some nice socks or stocking on, or handy just in case.


Jewellery is a main focus for many women attending an Indian wedding and in many cases in the talk of the event- not the outfit. Choose at least one special piece to wear around your neck and maybe choose some matching earrings. Another common wedding jewellery piece is bangles also. Make sure our outfit blends in perfectly with your accessories, and don’t be surprised if you have all eyes on your pieces.

Don’t forget to pay attention to not only your dazzling accessories, but your makeup and hair also.

Traditional Attire

You can save any worries of what to wear by choosing to wear traditional Indian wedding attire. For women, this is most commonly a saree. If you choose to wear a saree, find one in silk, chiffon, georgette or crepe which will have more detailed embellishment and intricate detailing. Another common option is a Anarkali suit.

For a man, you could wear a tailored Kurta with Pyjama, which can not only be super stylish but comfortable. A dupatta can also be added to the Kurta, but for a more sophisticated look try choosing a Sherwani instead of a Kurta and Pyjama. Men should also wear sandals or jootis.

You can browse our collection of Indian wedding dresses in our online catalogue, or simply get in touch with us to book an appointment or find out any more information regarding what to wear to an Indian wedding. We would be happy to help.