The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: 2 Month Countdown

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: 2 Month Countdown
The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: 2 Month Countdown

Planning an event or function is an ordeal and can take plenty of time and energy, especially when it comes to wedding planning.

Everything from the décor to your Indian wedding clothes needs to be as perfect as you’ve always dreamt, so here at Sonas Couture, we have provided you with a two-month power timeline, making sure you don’t miss or overlook anything!


2 Months Before


Venue Choice: At this point, you should be at the point of booking your venue, with time to allow for any changes or alterations later. Whether a house, hotel or farm, 2 months before your big day, you should have all the venue details sorted and checked off your priority list.

Vendor Booking:  This is the stage where you should be booking your photographer, videographer, Mehndi artist, Makeup artist and any other vendors. Don’t waste any time, as all the people book up quickly and you want only the best crew for your day.

Dream it Up: Make sure your Pinterest and mood boards are full up at this point, taking time on the web to make sure all your dreams are down so you can easily show and tell your ideas to your dress maker, photographer and all your help.

Tasting: Take this time to go and taste the food which you will be tucking into on your wedding. Make sure everything from the starters to the desserts are how you want with time to spare to prevent any big surprises.

Fashion Fix: You are only two months away! If you haven’t already, get to a fashion house to get your perfect garment for you and your partner.

Save the Dates: Make sure your save the dates are ready to go! You want to give your guests plenty of time to clear their diary for your special day.


4 Weeks Before


Detail of Décor: By now you have booked your decorator, but now is the time to confirm everything you have been dreaming up to make sure the location is perfect. Don’t leave any detail unattended.

Entertainers: With a month to go make sure you have booked your musicians or entertainers, so you don’t end up with a room with no music.

Trials: Make sure you’ve booked in a trial with your makeup artist along with your hair stylist and Mehndi artist. While your makeup is done, try your dress on to see how it looks, leaving time for changes to your look.

Gifts:  Remember to pick up those gifts for your bridesmaids, new mother in law etc, to say thank you for their contributions to your marriage.

1 Week Before


Send Reminders: With only a week to go make sure you send out a reminder to everyone, whether this be an email, text or a quick phone call. Make sure all the important people make it to your special day.

Final Fittings: Make sure your wedding outfit fits perfectly, making sure you have at least some time for any last-minute alterations if required.

Final Meetings: Meet up with everyone you can think of who has a part in the day, making sure you feel reassured and everything is in order. Make a list and work your way through the people.

Pamper Time: Don’t forget about yourself during this time, so with only a week to go, take some time for yourself. Why not have a pamper night with some friends, making sure you and your skin are ready.

One huge part of your wedding is your outfit. Whether you are opting for a traditional Indian wedding are going for a different approach, here at Sonas Couture, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect garment for you and your requirements.

We have a wide range of Indian and Asian wedding dresses which are all bespoke and custom made for your dreams to be made a reality.

If you would like any more information on any of our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.