What To Wear To An Indian Wedding As A Male Guest

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding As A Male Guest
What To Wear To An Indian Wedding As A Male Guest

Been invited to an Indian wedding and not sure what to wear? These quick tips will tell you all the do’s and don’ts, so you can dress appropriately and ensure you are being respectful with your Indian men’s wedding outfits.


More Than One Outfit

Firstly you should determine how many aspects of the wedding you are invited to. Usually, a guest will be expected to attend the following:

• Garba/Sangeet Night
• Mehendi Night
• Wedding
• Reception

Garba/Sangeet Night

Taking place under a canopy, this is a pre-marriage celebration with music and food for all to enjoy. This is an occasion where formal dress is required but you do not need to wear a kurta. A comfortable shirt, trousers and covered shoes that you can dance in are appropriate.

Mehendi Night

The Mehendi night is usually out of bounds for the male guests at a wedding. If you are invited, as some western guests occasionally are, then smart attire is important, but don’t overdo it. A shirt and trousers is enough for this occasion.


The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony often takes place outside. You’ll be expected to wear a kurta, scarf and pyjama pants (which are a cotton trouser) for the wedding ceremony. You should also wear some traditional shoes if possible, although smart shoes will be acceptable. What type of kurta you wear is very flexible, but it should be smart and slightly flamboyant. Touches of colour will help you to fit in and look the part at the wedding. There are also a few things you should avoid:

• Don’t wear black because this is considered unlucky
• Don’t wear red because this is usually reserved for the bride
• Don’t expose your knees
• Don’t wear flip-flops – your toes should be covered at the wedding

The Wedding Reception

For the wedding reception, you just need to be smart. Wear a suit and smart attire and you will fit in perfectly at this celebration of the marriage.

Indian men’s wedding outfits are not complicated. Mostly you just need to dress smartly, but you will need to get a kurta for the wedding. Take this opportunity to embrace the culture and dress to look the part – contact us if you need any help with this!