What A Western Guest Should Wear To An Indian Wedding

What A Western Guest Should Wear To An Indian Wedding
What A Western Guest Should Wear To An Indian Wedding

When you receive an invite to an Indian wedding, you will need to think slightly harder than normal about what to wear. While you can wear a suit or smart, respectful dress to an Indian wedding without offending, you can make a far better impression if you consider tradition and embrace Indian wedding outfits.

Here we explore what you should wear as a Western guest at an Indian wedding:

Classic Indian Garb

Classic Indian garb is traditionally worn to an Indian wedding. For women, this means a colourful saree, and for men, this usually means a long-sleeved tunic called a kurta and cotton pants.

The Kurta

The kurta is a long tunic that goes below the knees and it very comfortable. They come in a wide range of styles with lots of patterns and prints. Indian men’s wedding outfits are easy to put on the morning of the wedding and your hosts will appreciate the effort. The tunics also have pockets that face backwards, so you can carry your wallet and phone – a common worry for modern guests!

The Saree

A saree is a colourful garment made from a large piece of fabric. Putting one on takes a little more time and preparation if you’ve never worn one before; you will need to practice wearing the saree before the wedding, as the material is held in place by the wearer. This sounds daunting, but it is very easy with a bit of practice. Ensure that you get someone to show you how to wear it correctly before the wedding and practice wearing it about the house beforehand.

The saree is comfortable and pleasant to wear and it is easy to make it your own. Women should avoid the colour red, as this is traditionally reserved for the bride, but aside from this you are free to go wild. Bright colours are encouraged and sarees come in a vast range of colours and patterns to suit everyone. Don’t be afraid to accessorise with any jewellery that you want to wear, too.


In India, it is common for someone to help all of the women dress before the wedding. Check with the hosts to see if this is possible and you’ll find a huge amount of support from the Indian guests.

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