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sonascouture - Silk Brocade Sherwani MM033

Silk Brocade Sherwani MM033

Silk brocade sherwani detailed with rusty red antique embroidery. To view the full collection, please contact us on 0208 795 1100. CALL EMAIL

Mens Sherwani

Have a wedding Sherwani style in mind? We make exclusive groom sherwanis and formal sherwanis for the family.

We carefully pick our fabrics, and bringsattention to the warmth or cool tone of Sherwani based on your request or décor explained. We let you choose embroidery of gold/silver/rose gold/antique or colours, prior to the hand embroidery.

Book an appointment for a groom make-over (includes shoes, sherwani and accessories from store).

Grab deals and special discounts when you purchase both the Bride and Groom outfits from us! 

Visit our store in London to order a bespoke wedding Sherwani.