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Driven by the quest for perfection, SONAS collection carries garments created for those who stop no where short of perfection. SONAS offers an in house design service, particularly for bridal wear, where garments can be designed towards each individual’s needs. As weddings are one of the biggest events in your life, we at SONAS will ensure that each of our brides and grooms receives the attention and service they deserve.

SONAS collection consists of bridal wear and occasion wear for Women which have given new definition and rendition to the saree, lengha and churidar even though such garments have been worn by women for hundreds of years. SONAS Men’s attire includes sherwani’s, jodhpuri’s and kurta pyjama’s which embraces a varied product line, all with great emphasis placed on impeccable cuts.

At SONAS the cuts, fabrics, embroideries and refined embellishments for garments have set new standards for quality, style and innovation. A hybrid between rich customary styles and feminine bravery, SONAS designer palette consists of colours spanning from the traditional to the unconventional. SONAS provides a venue for fulfilling your shopping needs with competitive prices and above all is renowned for its excellent service.

SONAS collection has the sole intention of making people feel and look beautiful, the result is nothing short of perfection.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so it’s vital that you look and feel at your very best. Here at SONAS Haute Couture, we’re setting new standards for Indian bridal womenswear, offering a bespoke in-house design service where we’ll tailor your bridal garments exactly to your needs. Featuring sarees, lenghas, churidars and more, including western gowns, our collection puts a new spin on these traditional garments which have been worn by women for hundreds of years, with a perfect hybrid of the traditional and the unconventional.

All our womenswear is completely bespoke and custom made, so you can be sure of a flawless fit, with all pieces boasting their own unique style, whether you want something more traditional or contemporary. If you’re interested in coming for a fitting, or just want some more information, feel free to give us a call on 020 8795 1100, send us an email to sona@sonascouture.com or send us a message using our online contact form.


Shop Sonas Couture’s extensive collection of Indian men’s wedding outfits and suits today. Our bespoke men’s Indian wedding suits collection combines unique and contemporary designs, alongside traditional styles. Choose from either our IndoWestern, Kurta Pajamas or Sherwanis collection and book an appointment with us for a fitting today. Sonas Couture is your first port of call for premium quality Indian men’s wedding outfits. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding any of the products in our menswear range, you can contact us by phone on 020 8795 1100, or by sending an email to sona@sonascouture.com. Alternatively, you can take advantage of filling out our quick and simple online contact form.