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sonascouture - Fabric

Every bride loves choosing her dream wedding outfit, but where do you start? The material for your outfit is just as important as the style – making the right choice can make you feel and look wonderful on your big day. Sonas Couture gives you a brief insight into fabrics we use:


sonascouture - Silk
A very popular choice of fabric for bridal lenghas, this fabric can be used for both slim and full styles. It is soft and heavy and photographs well. If you are having your lengha made in Silk Satin, take care as it may water mark.


sonascouture - Silk Dupion
This fabric comes in hundreds of colours so is great for bridal lenghas. It has a slub finish (uneven weaving threads) and a slight sheen. Silk dupion doesn’t crease so is perfect i if you are travelling abroad to get married. It is suitable for most styles, but not for bias cut dresses as it is too stiff. Two tone silk dupion, where two colours are woven together, can look pretty on a variety of outfits.


sonascouture - Brocade
Brocade is a heavy fabric which is woven to produce intricate designs with a contrasting matt and satin finish. A good choice for full skirts and corset bodices. Dresses made with brocade can be expensive as there can be a high proportion of wastage if matching motifs are required.


sonascouture - Crepe
Heavy crepes make beautiful, elegant lenghas and are suitable for slim styles and panelled skirts with no stiffening. If you choose a two-piece. this fabric is not suitable for corsets or boned bodices and a crepe bias cut skirt needs to be hung for a few days as it will drop Significantly.


sonascouture - Velvet
A good option for winter weddings, cotton or silk velvet is good for corsets. Whichever velvet you we use, we use a velvet board on which to press the fabric so the pile is not flattened


sonascouture - Taffeta
These fabrics make beautiful fun skirts that rustle when you walk. They are not heavy to wear and the fabric has a slight sheen. We take care with these fabrics as they water mark easily and should always be pressed on the reverse side.


sonascouture - Organza
Organza is a light, stiff, transparent fabric that can be used with virtually any style of dress. It gathers beautifully for a fun skirt, saree, bridal lengha and bridal dupattas. It can be used as an overlay to change the colour of the underlying fabric. Organza is an easy fabric to work with.


sonascouture - Chiffon
Chiffon is a light feminine fabric that can be incorporated into a dress design. Chiffon is extremely fine and works well to create a bias cut draping on a bodice. Chiffon is extremely delicate and will not be strong enough to be used on a heavy bridal lengha.


sonascouture - Georgette
Georgette is also known to be a fine fabric but is available in different weights and is very durable. It is perfectly suited to soft, flowing skirts and sleeves as well as heavy bridal lenghas,